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Conhecer-Se – associação de crescimento pessoal  is a non-profit association founded in July 2013 with the objective of promoting personal growth and development through mindfulness-based programmes and practices as well as Aprender a Ser and Non-Violent Communication methodologies.

Our in-house certified Mindfulness teachers offer a wide-range of mindfulness programmes to the general public, as well as in the Education, Health, Justice and Corporate sectors. We also provide one-on-one sessions.

We are certified to teach established Mindfulness programmes in English – MBSR, MBCT, Mindful Eating, Mindful Self-Compassion, SIT – as well as able to develop tailored programmes to suit our client’s needs.

Current Projects

We are currently working on the following projects:

Mindfulness for Students in Society

Mindfulness Practices for Students in Society (MP4s), a 3-year Erasmus+ funded project launched in November 2021, aims to support students develop inner resources through mindfulness practices and training, foster compassionate care of self, others and the planet, within higher education institutions, and promote soft skills competencies and accelerate the social and climate transition. For further information, visit our MP4s site.


We are pleased to welcome the MindSerena programme and are working with the MindSerena team to be able to offer it to primary schools from 2022/23. Further information about this programme can be found on our MindSerena site (in Portuguese).